iPhone Magsafe wallet review

3 min readJan 19, 2021

A quick summary of my thoughts on this wallet — it’s great.
Should you buy it? Well….it depends.

Aha! Now you have to read the rest of this review to find out why!

My iPhone 12 mini, with my Amazon iPhone Magsafe wallet. Taken by me.
My iPhone 12 mini with my Amazon iPhone Magsafe wallet. Taken by me.

I am what they call an “Apple fanboy”. When I see a new product, I immediately shout “take my money!”. However, the Indian inside me stops me from impulse buying.

The pandemic has made it quite difficult for me to go in-store to review the latest Apple products. I managed to find a small window of opportunity when the shops were open right before Christmas.
Unfortunately, when I held the Apple Magsafe wallet, I did feel like £59 was a total rip off.

I don’t carry my wallet around with me every day. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I needed my wallet. The pandemic has accelerated the inevitability that society will go cashless.

However, this month, for a work trip, I had to travel abroad. My wallet is this massive and abnoxious Louis Vuitton Brazza wallet. It used to be very useful when cash was still a thing, but its collecting dust, and the thought of carrying something extra in my pocket was stressing me out.

I needed a wallet of some sort, ideally just a card holder, to hold two things for when I travel abroad — my I.D. card (for just in case) and a credit card (again, just in case my apple pay doesnt work).

Let me remind you all, £59 for the Magsafe Apple wallet was a big rip off. I still think it is.

So I went onto Amazon and bought a knock off version.

It does the same thing. It connects magnetically. It holds up to two cards. It looks the same. Most importantly, its only £13.

I use an iPhone 12 mini, I love it. I’m planning on writing a review on that too! I love that its small and easy to hold. However I feel that the phone is still too skinny. The wallet solves that problem. It adds just the perfect amount of depth to the phone, making it easier and more comfortable to hold. The fake leather material is also nice to the touch.

After a week of taking it travelling with me, I can honestly say, this is the wallet I will be sticking to for my everyday use. The convenience of it sticking to my phone ensures that I don’t misplace it. however having the open to take it off easily is very useful.

When I travelled abroad, because I don’t drink alcohol, don’t go clubbing or even to bars, I never needed my I.D. So I ended up leaving that in my suitcase. Instead I replaced that slot with the hotel key card. For the most part, I didn’t need to use my credit card since pretty much everywhere takes apple pay, from the taxi to even the markets. However it was nice knowing I had a back up there.

Now that I am back at home (isolating for 2 weeks, but probably will remain in lockdown until the end of the year), my I.D. card and credit card sit in my wallet.

Now, the question is, do I recommend the Apple Magsafe wallet?

No — not the official £59 one.

The one on Amazon for only £13? YES YES YES YES.