How I’ve generated £1000 in stocks from a £1 investment

Firstly, I have to get this out of the way. I am NOT a financial advisor. I am NOT giving you financial advice.

I am going to tell you how I got £1000 worth of shares using just £1. And I did all of this in 1 week.

My screenshot taken today!

The best part about this is, you can do it too! (Again, if you want to, this isn’t me giving you advice)

So I am a fashion/lifestyle blogger on Instagram and Facebook. On those platforms, I have a decent following. I saw another blogger post on their Instagram story, telling me to swipe up and get a free share.

My instant reaction was “this is definitely a scam and I will NOT swipe up!”. A week passes by, I see him posting screenshots of his followers receiving their FREE share. One of them even got nearly £200 worth in Apple!

I had to see what this was about. I swiped up, and it took me to this app called FreeTrade ( I used his referral link, created an account, I needed to open the account by putting in £1. Once I did that, I was given my free share which was worth £15!

Wow! It actually worked! I could even cash out my stock in 30 days.

As soon as you join the app and have an active account, you are given your own referral link. This is where my Instagram and Facebook comes in!

I shared my link to my followers, and I was very transparent. I told them, if they swipe up, use my link, they will get a free share, and so will I!

I had thousands of people swipe up, but only a couple hundred got to the point of investing £1 to activate their account. Let me stress that they aren’t PAYING £1, they were INVESTING. I suppose that £1 was a barrier from those thousands of people taking the plunge which is a shame!

So a couple of hundred referrals, they each got their free share, and I got around 200 free shares. In total, my portfolio on FreeTrade is around £998.

So you can do the same thing!

Use this link, sign up to FreeTrade, open an account. You will then be given a share for FREE which will be worth between £3–200!

You could have a share in Apple, Tesla, who knows?! If you want to cash it out, just let it sit there for around 30 days, and after that, you can cash it out!

Once you have your own account, you can share your own referral link to your friends, family and followers!



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